No Good Marriage Has Ever Ended in Divorce

quote17 Louis CK is awesome, if you’ve never heard of him, I suggest you head over to YouTube to see some of his comedy.  He says this in one of his acts, but it’s so very true.

This quote is included in The Divorce Journal for Women because the plain fact is that happy marriages don’t end in divorce.  If you’re going through a divorce, be glad it’s ending.  Life’s too short to spend each day in a state of sadness, misery or loathing.  If you’re not truly excited to wake up next to your partner, then why are you?  If you’re not eagerly anticipating the time you’ll spend together, then why are you doing it?

Have you heard that phrase “Hell yeah or no?”  If each day of your life isn’t a “Hell yeah this relationship rocks” then it’s got to be a “no.”  And by all means, put an end to it, with dignity.  Get out. Fast. Life isn’t supposed to be miserable, heartbreaking, full of miscommunications or negativity.  If the person you’re in a relationship with isn’t 100% perfect for you then stop wasting your time (and theirs).  You’ll never be your best self or find that perfect someone if you keep devoting your time and energy to a relationship that diminishes your effectiveness, happiness and peaceful existence.

Author: Lisa Russell

Lisa Russell is an author, a publisher, and a blissfully divorced mom of six.

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