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quote36 I’ve never understood the “fear of being alone” so maybe I’m not the best one to write a journal prompt on this topic, but I know for a lot of people it’s real.  When I was married, being alone was peaceful, except for my own nagging thoughts about “Why am I married to this dude?” And even those thoughts were of value because they led me to a place where I could set aside my personal delusions about what it meant to be a good mom and wife (modeling commitment by making the marriage work in spite of the reality that it never would and never did).

I actually like being alone. And I like being with people whose presence is just as peaceful as solitude.  My kids, as they get older, often feel that way. We can share space without feeling overwhelmed by each others presence. We can “do our own thing” in solitude, peacefully.  That’s the kind of company I choose. I don’t want to be around people whose presence is exhausting, people who suck the energy and life out of me, leaving me exasperated and dying for a breath of fresh air.

This quote resonates with me as being important for someone in the midst of divorce because so often the presence of a romantic partner can be intense, and when that goes away, people feel lonely and often need to re-learn what it’s like to be alone and at peace. So many people jump into a new relationship because they “need” someone around, and overlook whether or not that person actually adds positive value to their life.  Jumping into a new relationship isn’t always wise, learn to enjoy being alone without feeling lonely and eliminate people whose presence doesn’t increase your happiness.

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Author: Lisa Russell

Lisa Russell is an author, a publisher, and a blissfully divorced mom of six.

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