Short & Thick Personalized Writing Journals

Personal journaling has always been a passion of mine. It started off as a deep internal need to write down my feelings and has evolved over the years. For a while, it was a record of my days that helped me preserve precious memories of my kids when they were younger. Living with a narcissist turned my personal journals into powerful anti-gaslighting tools. Looking back over my journals has always filled me with a sense of accomplishment and pride.

In 2018, I’m publishing tons and tons of personal journals. The series title I’m working on right now is “Your Journal” and the cover images are pretty random. I’m loving some of the scifi/ fantasy images I’m finding, and I suspect that my next personalized journal series will focus on that type of imagery. I might do a nature series, or kittens or unicorns or bearded men or something.

Here’s what I’ve got so far, be sure to follow me on Amazon if you want to see the play-by-play as each new title is released. Click on any image to view it on Amazon.

Author: Lisa Russell

Lisa Russell is an author, a publisher, and a blissfully divorced mom of six.